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One Talk Media

OneTalk Media was formed by Rupert O’Neal, and Gary Bragg to create entertaining works with a positive social message.


Rupert Oneal - One Talk Founder


Our current project shatters the notion that America was founded solely through the efforts of rich, white men and presents a musical that illuminates the influence and contributions of the marginalized people who have previously been excluded from our American history.


Gary Joe Bragg - One Talk Founder

The opportunity to create and support others who create is why I love being a part of One Talk. The mission is to produce works that have a positive social message and while I may be woefully under qualified to decide what that is, I can certainly appreciate art that both challenges the status quo and promotes discourse. I live for those moments that make me laugh now and think later.

Emily McGill - consulting producer


Emily McGill is a spiritual seeker, tarot reader, storytelling strategist, and a deep believer in the power of community.  She’s the co-founder of S.N.O.B. (Sunday Night on Broadway), a popup Broadway industry dance party, a founding member of PR collective Spiral5, and a co-author of S5’s The Career Rebel’s Guide to Modern PR. Among her 20 Broadway credits are the Tony Award-winning productions of A Raisin in the Sun starring Denzel Washington, Memphis, Billy Elliot, and Disney's The Lion King, plus Aladdin and shows with personalities as varied as Andrew Lloyd Webber, George Takei, Tavi Gevinson, and The Rascals. Clients have spanned music, film, TV, and streaming, with companies large and small (from HBO and Amazon Studios to startups and non-profits. Also male strippers). After 15 years in New York City as a Broadway and entertainment publicist and consultant, self-exploration led to healing, evolution, and reading tarot cards professionally. Emily also writes Playbill’s Broadway Horoscopes and is developing her own tarot deck, The Broadway Tarot. Learn more at

Robin McCarthy-Playbill Art

James Singer-Website Engineer 

S. Jean Ward Esq., Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein, & Selz

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